Hey! Im Morgan!

Im a sucker for a good vanilla iced coffee and rainy days. I currently own a cleaning company that I started at 18 and am a part time photog. I have 2 dogs and the worlds best friend group & family a gal could ask for!

I grew up ranching & training horses with my family in Jenner, AB and have moved lots all over Alberta since then! I was blessed enough to watch and work alongside the amazing horsewoman I get to call my mom work horses, photog, ranch, keep everyone fed and on time to everything, be a strong spouse, mom and friend. Growing up in that lifestyle it is an extremely misinterpreted, misunderstood and under represented walk of life for all the beauty it holds.
I knew that I wanted to be behind the scenes showing the magnificence of the western lifestyle, but in my travels photography has become so much more than just that. Creating a safe, welcoming, empowering space for my clients is so important to me, Seeing their faces when I deliver galleries and seeing themselves in a brand new light. I'm always up for recreating every idea myself and my clients have, no matter how crazy and out of the box they are.

Recreating self love, empowerment, acceptance